Tuesday, 02 April 2024 16:46

THL (be)

THL, aka Topless Helicopter Lessons, are back in business!
Scheduled to be a one time reunion in their hometown of Hamme in May 2024, we managed to convince these fast and raw punkrocking locals for a second show at Loco Loco Fest.
12 ways to Suckseed you say?!

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 16:41

Dicksons (be)

Frantic fast and catchy as hell ’90 punkrock played and sung the way it should be! After some line up changes these dudes are back with a vengeance and a new EP ‘An eternal war’ to back it up.  Setting out to shred the stage. Consider it done.

Thursday, 11 January 2024 15:05

Brulaap & The Boneshakers (be)

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 17:55

Lunatic Society (be)

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 17:54

Kaleko Urdangak (es)

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 17:54

Rotten XIII (es)

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 17:54

Iena (it)

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 17:54

Jodie Faster (fr)

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 17:52

Social Retards (be)

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 17:50

Disturbance (nl)

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About Loco Fest

Local Loco Festival is a DIY festival that exists for over a decade!
Hardcore, punk, oi, metal, rock 'n roll, ... we've had it all and we'll have some more!

First band announcements for the 19th edition of Loco Loco Fest on Saturday 15/06/2024 are ...

Bands that played our stage before:

MURPHY'S LAW (us), LA JUNGLE (be), DEAD 77 (us), BRUX (cat), PRESSURE PACT (nl), ASBEST BOYS (nl), CRAN (fr)On The Rampage, City Riot (nl/be), Hard Headed (be), The Nutters (be), Outsiderz (be)
SVETLANAS (RU/IT), GRINDHOUSE (AUS), THE GLÜCKS (BE), THE REAPERS (NL), SPEEDÖZER (BE), The Priceduifkes (BE), One Voice (NL), Rancoeur (FR), Midnight Tattoo (BE), Fucked Up Minds (BE), Bent Out Of Shape (NL), Early Pedestrian (BE), Minimaal Dissonant (BE)
THE CASUALTIES (US), CLOWNS (AUS), TOTAL CHAOS (US), DR KNOW (US), Crackups, Capital Scum, Wizards of Oi, The Empty Bottles
THE RESTARTS (UK), THE FILAMENTS (UK), LIONS LAW (FR), Agathocles, Your Highness, Crim (cat), La Inquisicion (cat), Speedözer, Bruce, Mighty Campfire Punks, Star Visitors, Cavaran, The Young Ones
ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGEU(UK),FIFTY FOOT COMBO, Sick on The Bus(UK),Sunpower, Youth Avoiders(FR),Nuclear (CL),Golden Green,De Tegenpartij(NL,Silence Means Death,Ill(GER),Mindless,Quickshifter,Ceasefire,Democracy The end
Varukers (UK), Inner Terrestrials (UK), Cocaine Piss, WE’REWOLVES, Imaginary Dictionary, The Seniles (SWI), The Vile (UK), Lunatic Society, Sects tape, Muckrakers, Travolta, Idiot Convention, Het Lood
Chaos UK(uk), No Turning Back (NL), StupidS(uk),Sunpower, Coldburn(GER), Reproach, Ashes, Citizens patrol (NL), Immigrants, Cheap Drugs, Shitler(FIN), Sinners, Lazy Bitch.
Spermbirds(GER),Peter Pan Speedrock (NL),Sick On The Bus (UK),Active Minds (UK),A Strength Within,Counter Attack,Speedozer,Clean Shirts (UK),Suspected Concussion,Cityslang
Mark Foggo’s Skasters(UK),Negative Approach(US),Restarts(UK),Oathbreaker,Lunatic Society,Priceduifkes,Hostilidades,Bamboo Avenue
The Grit(UK),TheKidsTempXL,TheLaGuerres,Ramzones,Fist2Fist,Hardcharger,VitaminX(Hol),Sunpower,Gewapend Beton (Hol)
Belgian Asociality,Gewapend beton (NL),The Usual Suspects,Psycho (US),The Crackups,The Afternoon Gentlemen (UK),Asbest,Bamboo Avenue

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