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Posted by Monday, 07-01-2019

Total Chaos (US)

 - Streetpunk - 
What about a “last minute” special guest at Loco Loco Fest?! Thirty years ago, TOTAL CHAOS was founded in Pomona Valley, California to save the dying genre of punk rock, which was commercialized at the time. The band did not want to lose the style, but especially their space to express political and social views. They came up with the idea that punk brings social responsibility by organizing "peace punk" picnics or demonstrations against the Gulf War. Their music had a meaning and stood for something. Today TOTAL CHAOS has seen many things come and go - but they have stuck to these ideals all this time. Whether you are pop punk, street punk, hardcore, straight edge, political punk, goth punk, skate punk, crust punk, metal punk, straight punk rock (and so on), TOTAL CHAOS unites you all into one scene PUNK-ROCK!

Posted by Monday, 04-22-2019

The Empty Bottles

- punk - With a name like The Empty Bottles it can not be a surprise that their existence is somehow linked to drinking beer! And so it goes, at the bar of the legendary underground venue, The Steeple, in Waregem, one thing led to another, and all of a sudden The Empty Bottles were born.  Members have been spotted with full bottles in front of the Loco Loco stage in more than one occassion, but now it’s time to reverse the roles and have them kick off our 16th edition on stage! 

Posted by Monday, 04-22-2019

Wizards of Oi

- streetpunk/oi - Unlike the name suggests Wizards of Oi are not a pure Oi band. The wizards, who are however, sharp as an Antifa razor, magically blend streetpunk, oi, crust to create a raw, rambling sound from the streets. They had build themselves quite an underground following before ending the band in 2017, to reform again only recently. New songs have been recorded, the giglist keeps on growing, so we are delighted to invite the wizards to our party! 

Posted by Monday, 04-22-2019

Capital Scum

- hardcore/punk - The belgian punk/hardcore scene of the 80’s had a few “hot” areas. Nearby our festival we had Aalst, but a bit further away there was the infamous Hageland Hardcore scene, which was practically invented by hardcore punks Capital Scum.  Althought you can’t tell by their current enthousiasm and hunger to play shows, they have been on stage since 1984, making them one of the most active survivors of those times. The fact that they are releasing a split album with another legendary band called Agathocles, shows that even after all this time, they’d rather look into the future than into the past. Belgian hardcore/punk history in the house. 

Posted by Monday, 04-22-2019

Clowns (Aus)

- punkrock/rock'n'roll - In only 5 years time this Melbourne based band has built quite a reputation with their punkrock vs rock 'n roll mix. Through nonstop touring and stage destroying, these Aussies might have convinced every single person ever watching them on stages such as Groezrock, Ieperfest, Sjock Festival.  With the release of a new album Nature/Nurture on Fat Wreck Records they are stepping up their game even more and are ready for complete world domination. Forget the old dusty rock 'n roll, here 's the new fresh sound of punkrock / rock 'n roll, and it's coming to get you!

Posted by Thursday, 02-28-2019


- Garage / Punk - CRACKUPS are a band of extremes. Insanely fast, but tight as a duck's ass. Extremely loud but with a keen sense of melody. Featuring members from Double Veterans, Priceduifkes, Psycho 44, Sunpower, they gained notoriety through fiercely intense live shows and a defiant punk attitude. After reaching the finals of Belgium's biggest talent hunt Humo's Rock Rally and releasing a bottle rocket of a debut album with 'Animals on Acid', they suddenly disappeared from the scene in 2012. Nowthey are throwing themselves headfirst into a comeback, the likes of which this land has never seen... expect sounds inspired by The Stooges, Black Flag and Devo, mashed into something fiercely unique and original.

Posted by Thursday, 02-28-2019

Dr. Know (US)

- Hardcore/Punk - 
With Dr. Know from Oxnard, California, we have the honor to welcome a true hardcore/punk/thrash cultband to our festival. Since the start of the band in 1981, they have been considered one of the major bands in the “Nardcore” movement.  Despite countless line-up changes, and thanks to a crossover thrash adventure, they shared the stage with the greats of both punk and metal worlds. Did you know that Slayer covered Dr. Know’s “Mr. Freeze” in 1996, while “Piece of Meat” was used in the 2nd season of Southpark. Anyway, last year, they played an outstanding show in Antwerp Music City, so it’s time to give it another shot at Nosta! 

Posted by Thursday, 02-28-2019

Subhumans (UK)

- Anarchopunk - 
Subhumans (UK), not to be mistaken with their  Canadian namesake, have been a household name in the punkscene for decades. Their politically and socially inclined, yet melodic punksongs brought them quite some attention, both in de UK Anarchopunkscene, as well as in the US, with for example a “Live in A Dive” release on Fat Wreck Chords. That fact and their solid live performance has made them populair to both old school punks and skatepunkers. And that’s just the way we like it. 

Posted by Sunday, 05-29-2016

The Casualties (US)

 - Streetpunk - 
Despite the fact that The Casualties have been around for more than 20 years, they still look like youngsters compared to their UK punk influences like The Exploited, GBH, Discharge. They added a more modern and fresh touch to the classic british hardcore/punk sound which made them one of the biggest and most populair punkbands on the planet right now. With a new album “Written in Blood” under their belt, they recently also presented a new singer. Judging by the crowd response of a full Magasin 4 last January, he won’t let anybody down. The Casualties are here to stay and ready to kick some ass as headliner of Loco Loco Fest 2019! 

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