The Restarts (UK)

Formed back in 1995 in Hackney, East End London, The Restarts are and have always been a socially aware, three piece punk band. They’ve been gigging non stop in and around the UK and Europe, playing squat gigs and pubs, touring the USA, Canada and even ending up in Indonesia recently. Punks first, musicians second, is what they live by! Apart from that, they are probably one of the best UK punk bands around at the moment

The Filaments (UK)

On our wanted list for ages and finally, for our 15th anniversary edition, The Filaments are coming to Loco Loco Fest. With influences from a broad range of musical styles these brits have gained a strong live reputation by delivering intense concerts since 2001. Expect nothing less than a full on skapunk party!

Lions Law (FR)

-Oi! / punk-
If one band is on top of the European Oi/punk game, it must be Lion’s Law. Their latest album “From The Storm” and their powerfull live shows made them gain quite a following, even outside the Oi scene. We’ve seen them smash Ieperfest and Sound Of Revolution stages last year, and now it’s time for Opwijk to be crushed by this Paris clan!

Your Highness

In the category of Belgian riffage, the award goes to Your Highness. This stoner five-piece emerged from the swamps of Antwerp and started bulldozing the underground scene in Belgium and abroad. Armed with a huge DIY-spirit and a evolving back catalog, this resulted in shows at Roadburn, Groezrock, Graspop, Pukkelpop, Into The Void, Akkerpop and many more. They haven’t been that active lately, so choose wisely and come over to check them out.


There is something about threepiece rock bands that just hits it. It’s the simplicity, the tightness,…? Well, that’s exactly how to define BRUCE. They play garage punk and is inspired by Australian punkrock-heroes as the Saints, Radio Birdman, New Christs, Cosmic Psychos, Eastern Dark etc. No unnecessary hooks and riffs here but just plain and simple no-nonsense punk with a good vibe that you just keep setting on repeat.

Star Visitors

What Star Visitors sounds like? Like laboratory psychedelics. Like science fiction garage. Like space-age rawness. Like let’s go to Loco Loco Fest and find out!


True legends in the house. As inventors of Mincecore, combining grindcore with a strong punk mentality, these scene veterans have released over 150 albums over the years. So, if you haven’t checked them out, lock yourself up for the next weeks and dig into that impressive discography … or just come to Loco Loco Fest!


-rock 'n' roll/punk-
Here's some electrified, drenched in high octane rock'n'roll power action.killer guitar riffs,big balls out bassripping and wild pounding.Drum hitting,high volume,high voltage and high excitement rawk inferno!

Crim (CAT)

After 15 years you should know we are always up for planting a few surprises on our line-up. This might be one of them. Straight from Catalunia and ready to conquer the world! Just looking at their list of upcoming shows tells you this melodic punkrock band is on fire. 2018 marks their first appearance in the US at the Punk Rock Bowling Festival in Las Vegas. Talking about a nice warm-up for Opwijk!

Mighty Campfire Punks

No pounding drums, no blazing amps, no, The Mighty Campfire Punks only need their acoustic guitars, their voices and a neverending punk spirit to turn any bar or venue into a singalong party. No matter what setting, they are always in for an evening of punk classics, drinking tunes, seaman's songs and more. So grab a beer and enjoy Opwijk's finest folkpunkers!

The Dancing Morons

Started out in 2008 as a hardcore/punk band, The Dancing Morons quickly evolved to a full-blown hardcore ska band by adding a brass secion to their sound. Their sound varies from sweet ska melodies to hard as nail breaks, giving you a hard time to decide wether you need to mosh or skank. Having a lot of influences from the UK skacore scene, it can’t be a surprise they are doing quite well over the pond, with a performance at Level Up Fest last year and one at Boomtown Fair coming up. But first, Loco Loco Fest!

La Inquisicion (CAT)

Good things come in pairs! Just like Crim, another punkrock band hailing from Catalunia. Did Carles Puigdemont force us to book another Catalan band? Did we get a 1+1 discount? No way! This band is quality punkrock, it’s as simple as that. With a slightly heavier sound and a bit more gravel in their voice than their brothers, yet never losing touch with great melodies, certainly a band to check out.

The Young ones (NL)

-Oi! / punk-
Just over a decade ago, four tiny skins from the deep south of the Netherlands decided to form an Oi! band inspired by the classics from the eighties. Since none of the members had actually even been born in the era that was responsible for their favorite music, they called themselves The Young Ones. These days they aren’t so young anymore, but the passion for some good old Oi/punk remains, plain and simple!

About Loco Fest

Local Loco Festival is a DIY festival that exists for over a decade!
Hardcore, punk, ska, metal, crust, grind, rock, ... we've had it all and we'll have some more!

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